COLA increase!

Greg Sargent reports on the front lines of the framing wars over whether or not the Ryan Ripoff “ends Medicare.” My simple contribution to this debate is: of course it does and PolitiFact should be ashamed of themselves for blowing smoke on this one.

Imagine: two competing plans to reform Social Security. Plan One:

Reduce benefits by 10%.

Now you could agree or disagree over whether this would be good policy (I think it wouldn’t) but it’s clear that the new policy would still fall within the range of stuff honest people can agree is similar enough to what we now call “Social Security” to still be called “Social Security.”

Now imagine this plan:

Everything about the current structure of Social Security remains the same, except every month instead of a “check” seniors would instead receive “a ferocious beating by an angry gorilla.”

Again, agree or disagree about the merits of this plan (I happen to love my grandmother so count me as a “nay”) but it’s also pretty clear that whatever the heck you want to call this new plan (“Antisocial Security?”) if you’re not giving seniors cash and instead giving them broken bones it’s not Social Security anymore.

So whatever you think about “Groupons for Geriatrics” it’s absolutely, totally, definitely not Medicare.