Jeremy Binckes at TBD expresses some odd views on driving:

Your bike weighs roughly 15 pounds. The smallest car sold in the United States weighs about 100 times that; mine, which is often carrying equipment for various side jobs, weighs much more. A car going 30 mph — the speed limit on many streets in the District and residential back roads — takes at least 45 feet to come to a complete stop. These alone are reasons to defend drivers in their never-ending war with bicyclists…
Earlier this year, a Metrobus driver swerved to avoid a 4-year-old child that had darted into the street. What if the driver were on a one-way, single-lane road with a right-hand bike lane, and the child had darted out from the left? A bicyclist in that situation would get crushed. Drivers are often forced to make split-second decisions like that one, and might not take into account whether there’s a bicyclist in their blind spot.

I’m not arguing that cars are the kings of the road and all should bow down before them. But if we can just acknowledge what the other is trying to do, it may make it a bit easier, and safer, for all of us to get around town.

Forget the ridiculous idea that bikers and drivers are "at war." See, I read the bolded part above and I think, "boy, I hope that people who are operating multi-ton machines that hurtle down crowded city streets at super-human speeds are being very careful!" The straw man argument against hitting little children aside, while bikers can represent a danger to pedestrians, cars represent a far vaster danger to everybody. If you’re driving a car, be careful!