Forget all the blather about a primary challenge to Obama, Nader, Cornel West, blah blah blah. It seems vastly more likely to me that the energy on the extreme right will make a third-party/independent/"Tea Party" candidate far more likely, especially if Mitt Romney is the GOP nominee. All it takes is for one remotely credible right-wing or libertarian figure to get even 3-5% in today’s highly-polarized electoral environment to sink Romney like a stone, and the "Tea Party" right hasn’t exactly demonstrated a ton of restraint or willingness to compromise. If Romney indeed is the nominee, which is seeming more and more likely as Perry takes on water and Iowa is just 133 days away, isn’t this scenario fairly likely? I mean, why wouldn’t Sarah Palin steal the national spotlight to run an independent campaign for president that totally sabotages Mitt Romeny and the Repubilcan Party whilst simulataneously showering herself with money and attention? Doesn’t that seem like exactly her MO?