Via Mistermix, it seems like grumpy pro-SOPA/PIPA left-wing Hollywood types are withholding campaign contributions from Democrats because they didn’t want to destroy a free internet on their behalf. Fair enough. The weirder side of this equation for me, though, is the Republicans.

Hollywood is one of those ever-rarer birds – a big industry in the pocket of Democrats. Along with trial lawyers and Wall Street-types, they tended to support Democrats even though the Democratic Party is overall less friendly to rich individual and powerful businesses. Wall Street has seen the writing on the wall, though, and has been moving GOP. But Hollywood is a slightly odder case, as they’ve been a potent foil for the GOP for decades. The ascendant culture-war Republicans have won countless elections and solicited countless donations on the backs of the latest outrage from Hollyweird, usually one relating to the sexy-times. But SOPA was authored by a Republican, Lamar Smith (R-TX). Why? Well, because there was money in it, probably!

The piracy kerfuffle pits two batches of Democratic constituencies against each other – Hollywood and old media firms v. young people and new media/Internet firms. Republicans, in some sense, shouldn’t have a dog in this fight except to the extent that they want to deepen this split, the way Democrats often enjoy doing to Republicans with immigration. But that wasn’t Smith’s motivation in writing SOPA. He wasn’t provoking Democrats as much as he was choosing a side. And he chose the side with money!

Moral of the story – if one left-leaning batch of hippies is feuding with another left-leaning batch of hippies, Republicans will always choose the ones with money.