Dave Weigel has a lovely bit eviscerating the Spawn-Of-Breitbart spin about Derrick Bell’s stories, in which the role of Jews, read by most literate humans as "championing the cause of blacks" is spun into "stood by and watched."

More importantly, though, beyond both the fundamental lameitude of the attack and the BS spin trying to wedge the Jews away from Obama (good luck with that, boys), I think this whole tactic is just doomed to failure. This kind of thing is the thing the right was really, really good at for a long, long time, but a couple things happened since, say, Willie Horton:

  • The demographics of America are rapidly changing to be less white and more urban.
  • The right starting talking mostly to itself and lost the knack for the broader ear.
  • The global financial system imploded.

Against the backdrop of a still-struggling economy, the hangover from two wars in Near Asia and the growing prospect of a third, a scary crisis in Europe, health-care reform, etc, etc, etc, all this stuff just looks a lot more like what it is – a deliberate attempt to distract from important issues with petty stuff. When the candidate was Al Gore and it seemed like the biggest problems in the world were tech stocks and smutty TV, you can see why this kind of thing might have gotten some traction. But against a powerful, popular incumbent president, this kind of really tangential thing (he once said a nice about a guy who wrote a short story that doesn’t sit well with working-class white sensisbilities! SKREEEEE!!) just isn’t going to get anyone anywhere. I mean, do they even remember the 2008 election? Bill Ayers! Tony Rezko! Jeremiah Wright! That was against a young, relatively untested candidate vying to be the first black president in America. Now they’re trying this stuff against the President that killed Bin Laden. Not gonna fly.