I am still crashing on my Music of 2011 wrap-up. Do I feel lazy/stupid? Yes I do! Am I going to let that stop me from opining about the Music of 2012? No I won’t!

I’m going to save my best thoughts about Django Django and their self-titled debut album for my Music of 2012 wrap-up (which should be arriving sometime around the Malia Obama presidency), but note the total confidence that it will be on that list. It will. It will probably be at or close to the top. It is, in short, absolutely fracking phenomenal in every way.

So when I was handed the chance to see them at the Glasslands Gallery for their very first-ever show in these United States, how could I not go? So go I went. And let me tell you – they were pretty great. But don’t believe me. Behold – the very first stateside performance, ever, of “Default:”