Via TBogg and Erik Loomis, here is some real old-school uncut medium-rare Jew-baiting. I won’t dignify it with quotes, but nevertheless it weaves together Jewish-American history of capitalist success, leftist agitation, and formation of strong communal institutions to basically (though perhaps not intentionally) taint the entirety of American Jewry with the brush of ALINSKY-SKREEEEEE, all in the service of laughable point-scoring against Sandra Fluke’s boyfriend. Whatever.

But this brings up an interesting pet point for me – where is the anti-Semitism these days? It’s not that it doesn’t exist – of course it does. But after Jews like Alan Greenspan and Lloyd Blankfein drove the economy into a ditch and Jews like Larry Summers and Ben Bernake bailed them out, I’m surprised that more stuff along the lines of Glenn Beck’s super-creepy George Soros hate-fest hasn’t manifested. Especially since every other minority bugaboo/ridiculous conspiracy theory – blacks, Socialists, Muslims, feminists, "illegals" – has reared its head pretty boldly during the Obama Presidency, it’s kind of remarkable that anti-Semitism has either failed to show up or has been so thoroughly drummed out of polite society that not even veiled anti-Semitism has emerged, with the possible exception of the demonization of Saul Alinsky. I have a pet theory that the right-wing devotion to the cause of Israel as the sacred ally in the Global War on Brown People has been a major cause in this, but it’s still an interesting phenomenon.