I have been watching a lot of CNN this week, since I figure I’m in Atlanta and I can see the CNN Center from my window, so might as well patronize the locals. So I just saw a commercial for National Car Rental where they claim some champion employee "improved ROI with SEO, all by COB."

So there is an actual narrative by which you can take this ill-considered supposedly-satirical acronym soup and turn it into something sensible; but it is a narrative in which you don’t need a rental car. If I am somehow increasing my return-on-investment in something (a blogger) by optimizing its visibility by search engines, why the frack am I renting a car? Why did I fly, say, from San Jose to Dallas just to do that?

I think if a rental car agency wants to promote itself in the age of rapidly improving communications it should stress activities which specifically can’t be done remotely.