A review:



Federal spending basically falls into five buckets:

-Social Security
-Payment on Existing Debt

Paul Ryan’s plan for these:

-Medicare/Medicaid – vast unspecified cuts
-Social Security – no change
-Defense – large increases
-Payment on Existing Debt – no change
-Other – vast unspecified cuts



Ryan wants to cut income taxes by a vast amount and eliminate unspecified tax credits, loopholes, and deductions. By “unspecified” I mean he doesn’t say what he plans to do. At all.

So let’s review again:

Tax cuts for rich with no specified plan to eliminate tax loopholes for rich.
Increases in defense spending with no cuts in Social Security.
Promises of reduced Medicare and Medicaid spending with no mechanism other than “give ’em all Groupons and let the Free Market Gods sort ’em out.”
Promises of vast deficit reduction.

There’s simply no solving this equation unless you elimiinate the “other” portion of the budget almost entirely. And remember – that portion includes not just “safety net” spending but:

The Constitutionally-mandates Census
Highways and transit
Veteran’s benefits

This is how his math works.