Let’s make this very clear:

I am your financial advisor. You show me your spending plan for the year, and I say, “Hmm, looks like you’re going to accrue $600 of credit card debt this year if you go forward with this plan. Let’s try to cut $50 a month.”

You say, “well, OK – I can cut my restaurant allocation by $100 a month, and increase my grocery purchasing by $50 a month, and that should keep me and my family fed while still saving $50 a month.”

And I say “WRONG! You were going to have to cut that restaurant spending anyway because of blargledy-blarg! Therefore you are merely splurging on groceries and are, in fact, increasing your deficit by $600 for the year! So irresponsible!”

This is the point where you’d fire me. In today’s Village, though, I’d be a daring truth-teller!