Matthew Dickinson has a terrific post about how hard it is to unseat a sitting President. Rather than disagree, I thought I’d just take a different perspective on it.

Barack Obama’s second term in office will be the 57th term of office since the Presidency was inaugurated. The office has been held by members of five different parties – the Federalists (I’m including Washington here), the Democratic-Republicans, the Whigs, the Democrats, and the Republicans. I made a nice little spreadsheet about it, using colors and everything:

Presidential Terms By Party

The result:

As you can see, there are very few instances where a party took the office and lost it again in the next election. Not counting the weirdness of Andrew Johnson, there was the Whig-Polk Sandwich of 1840-52; the Cleveland-Harrison Swaperoo of 1884-96; and Jimmy Carter. Other than that, once a party wins a Presidential election, you can expect them to remain in power for at least two terms.