It starts with three: Bran, Catelyn, Daenarys.

Bran and Catelyn give it to Eddard.

Jon Snow gives it to Arya and Tyrion.

Eddard gives it to Sansa.

There is another: Davos.

Catelyn gives it to Theon and Jaime

Jon Snow gives it to Sam.

Jaime gives it to Brienne and Cersei.

Tyrion gave it to Arys who gives it to Areo who gives it to Arienne who gives it to Quentyn.

Theon gave it to Asha and Aeron and Victarion.

Tyrion gives it to Jon Connington.

Daenarys gives it to Barristan.

Jon Snow gives it to Melisandre.

The story is like a tree, one branch becomes many.

The story is like a fractal.

The story is like a virus – it can be caught and transmitted.

With the exception of Davos, though, nobody enters our story as a POV after the first three chapters of AGoT who isn’t first touched by an existing POV character.

But now as we turn into Act III, what we will see is that this process will reverse.

We lost Eddard in AGoT and Catelyn in ASoS, and in Feast/Dance we lost Arys and Quentyn almost as fast as we found them. But soon, we will begin to lose others as well. And there are none left to be gained.

And our story will collapse and compress as it hurdles towards climax.