Because I am a troll. Obviously.

I take something that does not belong to me using some form of deception or coercion, in a manner that the vast majority of people would agree is wrong. In a just world, I would give it back or somehow an outside institution would incentivize or compel me to return it.

But in the time and place that I have committed this theft, life isn’t fair, so I never give it back. In fact, my children inherit it. As do their children. And their grandchildren. And so on for generations and generations.

When does the statute of limitations expire? At what point is it now more wrong to expropriate from my descendants either the stolen thing or something of equivalent value to recompense your descendants than it is right?

I have my own thoughts on this, of course. But most importantly, consider why I entitled this post “A Thought Experiment for Libertarians.”