I did it! After testing roughly one bazillion models, regressions, and forumlae, endlessly tweaking, adding server after server, I finally created a computer program that can perfectly, with 100% accuracy, predict the economy! w00t! Now to make the big bucks.

Hmmmm…just to be sure, let’s start by just investing a few grand, and see what happens.

ZOMG! It worked amazingly! That few grand is now a few million in almost no time at all! Time to really start making bank.

…huh? That’s odd…the machine seems to be running a little hot. It’s processing quite a bit.

…oh no. As I’ve made more and more money, the predictions of the program, through my actions, have started to affect the broader market and the economy! Which means the program has to begin accounting for its own predictions! But every time it issues a new, updated projection, it then has to account for my response to that projection, and then…

Ugh. Hoo boy. Time to call the e-cycling team…

(Inspired, a little, by this, but really this one had been percolating for a while.)