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You may recall, oh those many moons ago, when Chief Justice John Roberts decided that basic economics (not to mention basic decency) could inform jurisprudence after all and therefore PPACA could stick around, making him Dolchstoss-er of the decade as far as the conservative movement was concerned.

You may also recall that, in order to throw said conservative movement a bone, Roberts led the SCOTUS into tossing out the stick in the enticement mechanisms for the Medicaid expansion, meaning governors suddenly had a lot less negative incentive to accept the giant wad of federal money.

However, the law of unintended consequences seems to have fully kicked-in – rather than be any kind of political win for conservatives, empowering governors to make this decision has been totally miserable. When governors didn’t have a choice, they didn’t have a choice – but now that they actually have to choose, they are faced with refusing the money, which is irresonsible bordering on evil, or taking it and therefore inviting the federal vampire into their home. Unsurprisingly, many GOP governors have chosen the latter path, especially those who might be running for re-election, even those who were conservative darlings before hand.

So instead of just one big Dolchstoss from Roberts, we now have a running clown car of conservative Dolchstosses across America and a big juicy political target for Democrats.

Well done, your honor!



I can understand why Republicans are not terribly thrilled with their current options in this whole nomination contest buisness, but I am mystified that the latest attempt at recruitment is focused on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. When it was focused on Paul Ryan at least it made a snake-oil sort of sense – he was young, banally easy on the eyes, and had a notable plan to address a key issue (albeit a massively unpopular one). But speculation on Chris Christie is bizarre. He’s an arrogant lout most known for bullying his constituents in attempts to promote himself via YouTube. He has no record of note as governor, he has baggage from his previous position as US Attorney, and he was elected mostly as an expression of monumental loathing for his predecessor. His approval rating has rebounded from "bad" to "good," but there’s no reason to think he even has a good shot of carrying his own state against Barack Obama. I fail to see what, if any, problem a Christie candidacy solves for the GOP.

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